Meet The Team

  • Jason U.

    Client / Production Crew

    Jason is a part of the original sign shop crew from 1996. Jason has been a client of TradeWinds and worked at the Sign Shop for 27 years. Jason’s favorite part about working here is being creative. Having different jobs every day brings a newness to Jason’s work schedule.


    When Jason isn’t at TradeWinds he likes to go see live bands play. He also enjoys keeping a clean house and listening to music while doing so.


    “Becoming more independent because of TradeWinds has changed my life. TradeWinds has given me the tools to be in a better place.”

  • Tina S.

    Sign Shop Lead

    Tina has been a part of the Sign Shop for three years. Tina has a degree in art and over 20 years of print shop experience. She does quotes, proofs, and scheduling. She likes having a variety of different projects every day. Tina likes keeping busy at the Sign Shop.


    When Tina isn’t at work, you can find her at home gardening or cooking. She likes crossword puzzles, movies, music, and spending time with her family.


    “I love my job here. I love what TradeWinds stands for and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

  • Lynn S.

    Director of Industries / Sign Shop

    Lynn is the Director of Industries. He manages our government sewing contracts, general production department, and sign shop. He has been at TradeWinds for 5 years and has been overseeing the sign shop for 3 years.

    In his off-time Lynn enjoys spending time with his wife, and his two children. He also enjoys playing baseball and bowling.

    “I love working at TradeWinds because you get to change the lives of people with disabilities for the better. You get to see them grow and flourish right before your eyes. It is genuinely a fulfilling job.”

  • Martin G.

    Sign Shop Manager

    Martin has been here for almost a year. Martin has over 30 years’ experience in the sign industry. He is always coming up with new ideas to take signs to the next level. Creativity is his favorite part about working here.

    When Martin isn’t working, he likes to spend time with his wife and children. He spends his time working with his sons, creating products that they sell to the public. He enjoys sculpting and has a passion for Marvel.

    “I go where others sign makers don’t go, I think outside the box. I work here to give others with disabilities the knowledge that I have learned through sign making. It takes not just a team, but a family to succeed, and that’s what we are, a family.”

  • Doug W.

    Client / Production Crew

    Doug has been a part of the production crew for 9 years. His favorite part about working at TradeWinds is creating outside signs, banners, and apparel. He also likes helping with the vehicle wraps. He started volunteering at TradeWinds in 2014, and then was offered a job in the Sign Shop.

    Doug has a love for cars. He loves his 2015 Corvette. He also takes interest in cars, airplane, and truck model kits. Doug likes to bowl and is in a bowling league.

    “I am happy to have a job at TradeWinds. It’s something different every day and I like getting new jobs to do!”

  • Diamond P.

    Production Lead

    Diamond has worked at the sign shop for 2 ½ years. She basically grew up here at TradeWinds with her parents being employed here. Diamond’s favorite job here is Vehicle Wrapping & Lettering. She likes the creativity that her role provides.

    When Diamond isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her daughter. They enjoy being outside, doing puzzles, and watching movies. Diamond also loves cooking.

    “TradeWinds stands out against the competition. We hire people with disabilities. At TradeWinds everyone is treated equally, and I love being a part of an organization with incredible values.”

  • Heather A.

    Sales & Marketing Associate

    Heather is new to TradeWinds. She has experience in the nonprofit world and a background in sales and marketing. She loves sales, but more than that, being able to sell something so needed, which then provides employment for individuals with disabilities is amazing. She finds fulfillment in knowing all of the profit from the sign shop goes back into the organization.

    When Heather isn’t working, she can be found spending time with her family, which includes her husband and four children. She loves to play board/card games with her very competitive family. Her children are very involved in music and theatre. Music is a key component in the Ames house.

    “If you haven’t surrounded yourself with individuals with disabilities, whether developmental or physical, you should. They are a community of people who love unconditionally and deserve respect, dignity, freedom, and love in return. I couldn’t be happier to be part of an organization that provides all of that for so many who have never experienced any of it.”